How to maintain 100% Human Hair Extensions

To prolong the life of 100% Human Hair Extensions, proper aftercare is very important. Brush your hair regularly to prevent the hair from tangling. At night time gently tie your hair back in a loose braid or twist; this will help prevent tangles or knots. Never sleep with wet hair.

Use Professional Aftercare Products to maintain healthy hair extensions and to validate the 6 months quality warranty on all 100% Human Hair Extensions.

  • Step 1 | Extension Brush: Brush the hair thoroughly, begin brushing at the ends of the hair, then move up to mid length and finally brush the root area.
  • Step 2 | Professional Aftercare Shampoo: Apply shampoo, distribute your normal amount of shampoo; gently massaging in small circles; thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
  • Step 3 | Professional Aftercare Mask: Apply recovering Balmain Hair Mask on damp hair at the mid-lengths and ends. Brush through if necessary and leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Step 4 | Professional Aftercare Conditioner: Apply Balmain Hair Conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends only, gently massage, distributing the conditioner thoroughly. Leave the conditioning treatment on for a minimum of 3 minutes, maximum 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Step 5 | Shine Spray: Spray Shine Spray from a small distance (30cm) on wet or dry hair.