Extension Brush Black

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Short description

Soft bristle brush specially designed for hair with extensions. The Extension Brush glides through the hair easily without damaging the bonds of the extensions. Regular brushing creates strength, suppleness, closes the cuticles and produces a healthy shine and beautiful tangle free hair. The Extension Brush is suitable for all hair types and hair extensions

    Super soft nylon bristles
    Prevents hair breakage and damage
    Recommended for hair with extensions
How to use
Always brush in a downward motion to preserve the hair’s natural direction, starting from the tips and working upwards.

Balmain Hair Extension Brush

Brushing hair extensions is a very important part of the aftercare routine besides the use of Professional Aftercare products. To keep the extensions in perfect condition regular brushing is recommended. Regular brushing tames the mid lengths and ends of the hair, but even more important it keeps the roots and bonds detangled. The Balmain Hair Professional Extension Brush with soft nylon bristles perfectly detangles the hair without damaging the bonds of the extensions. An indispensable part of the aftercare routine.

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