New Name. Same Company. Since 1973.

At Balmain Hair we always have strived for excellence in our product quality, customer support and consumer satisfaction. A mission we wish to continue. From now on, we are rebranding our hair extension business. As the brand has grown and developed we recognise that giving our attention to every product category can be a juggling exercise.
To reach this vision we have made the decision to rebrand our extensions portfolio. Putting product development, marketing and attention to our extensions, front and centre of our hair extensions business.
We are still the same company, with the same heritage, same DNA and same high standards of quality and production. It’s just time for a fresh new look and a dedicated approach to the market.
So let us introduce the new name of our complete hair extensions collection: DoubleHair Extensions Professionnel!
DoubleHairExtensions Banner Logo
As we are doing a soft launch, the products are not re-branded yet. You will receive products with the old logo of Balmain Hair Professional. At this moment the team is working hard to adjust and apply the new designs to curent and future products. Receiving products with the Balmain Hair Professional logo does not mean, they are old products. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at