Balmain Extension Quick Remover

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Short description

The revolutionary Quick Remover removes bonded hair extensions in a single-handed operation. The Quick Remover neutralizes the adhesive strength of the bonding under the influence of the pressure and UV light. Up to 75% time saving compared to normal removal techniques. 

    Quick removal of bonded hair extensions
    Ergonomic design for comfortable hold
    Ergonomic design for comfortable hold
1x Quick Remover, 3x AAA batteries, 1x Dissolvent Gel
How to use
1. Open the Quick Remover by following the instructions on the bottom of the handle.
2. Place the Dissolvent gel in the Quick Remover
3. Close the Quick Remover.
4. Insert the bonding in the notch of the Quick Remover.
5. Use the shortest handle to activate the UV light and to release the Dissolvent Gel onto the bonding.
6. Use the largest handle to squeeze/break the bonding.

The Dissolvent Gel cannot be used without the Quick Remover.

The Balmain Hair Professional Quick Remover offers the ultimate solution to remove bonded hair extensions in a quick and non-harmful way. The single-handed operation is 75% time saving and easily removes bonded hair extensions in a professional way.

The dual-action Quick Remover precisely adds the correct amount of dissolvent to the bonding without spilling remover onto the remaining hair. Therefore, a small bottle is sufficient to remove multiple bonds. The cordless Quick Remover works on AAA batteries and is therefore travel proof and easy to use.

Item information
Dissolvent Gel: Alcohol denat, Aqua, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, Acrylates Copolymer, UV-reactant, Fragrance.