Balmain Hair Professional Aftercare

Balmain Hair Professional Aftercare

Taking care of the natural hair and hair extensions is very important to maintain the good condition of the hair. 

Natural hair gets its portion of care not only by hair care but in the first place from the hair glands. These are close to the follicles and produce oil to nourish hair and skin. Hair extensions therefore have to be taken care of with hair care products to maintain moisture. They can dry out quickly and will not look shiny and moisturized anymore. 

The professionals of Balmain Hair Professional have therefore developed a special formula. Keratin, Almond Oil, ArganOil and Silk Protein have been added to various care products from the Professional Aftercare line. These ingredients nourish, moisturize and restore the moisture balance of the hair. 

Key features of the hair care range · Keratin for less frizz, smoothness and fuller hair
· Almond oil for a soft texture and moisture
· Argan oil against damage and for extra moisture
· Silk protein for boosting strength and moisture

Balmain Hair Professional Aftercare

The complete Aftercare range for hair with extensions.


Don't forget your haircare in Summer and in locations with lots of sun and high temperatures.

Balmain Professional Aftercare

The products

Start your routine with the shampoo. Finish with the conditioner. For extra deep nourishment use the mask on a regular base. After rinsing out conditioner or mask apply the Detangling Spray. Dry then your hair and spray as a finishing touch the Shine Spray on your styled hair.


A gentle moisturizing cleanser enriched with Keratin and Argan Oil. The shampoo nourishes, moistures and provides long lasting radiance and luminous shine. The key ingredients in this shampoo help to prevent static hair.


A nourishing conditioner enriched with Keratin and Sweet Almond Oil. Nourishes and restores the hair to its natural moisture balance. The rich formula makes the hair soft and takes care of the scalp to reduce sensitivity.


Moisturizing mask enriched with Argan Oil and Silk Protein. Hydrates and restores dry and damaged hair. Boosts the hair from the inside and provides vitality and shine. The mask expands the life and performance of hair extensions. This intensive mask repairs and rebuilds the structure of the hair, leaving it intensely nourished.

Detangling Spray

The lightweight, non-greasy formula detangles, conditions and smoothens the hair cuticles. Fights frizz, preserves colour and protects the hair against external damage. The Detangling Spray is specially formulated for hair with extensions. Spray the detangling spray about 10 cm away from the hair. Recommended to use on wet hair for optimal results.

Shine Spray

Lightweight, UV-protective Shine Spray enriched with Vitamin E and Argan Oil. Attracts and reflects light to give the hair a luminous shine. The Argan oil provides ultimate softness. The formula takes care of the natural hair and hair extensions. The light-reflecting spray gives exceptional shine and shimmer without weighing the hair down. For a long-lasting silky finish.

Silver Spray

Neutralizes yellow or warm tones and enhances ashy colour tones into natural, dyed or highlighted hair. The Silver Spray is enriched with pure violet pigments and specially designed for hair with extensions. Ideal to enhance ash tones in the natural hair and extensions.

Conditioning Spray for Memory®Hair

The Conditioning Spray for Memory®Hair is specially formulated to take care of Memory®Hair extensions. The leave-in conditioning spray detangles Memory®Hair extensions, protects the Memory@Hair and provides a natural silky shine.