Bestsellers of the Ready-to-Wear collection

The Ready-to-Wear Collection consists of hair extensions to create the most amazing looks in an instant. Want to know all about Hair Dress, Catwalk Ponytail or the Clip-In Weft? Flip through the pages and get inspired!

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There are numerous types of extensions on the market now, that sometimes it is hard to choose the right one for you. There are permanent hair additions which lasts up to 12 weeks, and there are instant solutions for a day or just an evening out.
Our collections consistst not only of professional products which need to be applied by a hair stylist, but also pieces for you to add simply in just a few moments. In this brochure we show our three bestsellers: Catwalk Ponytail, Clip-In Weft and Hair Dress.



Check out the brochure and find your new best kept secret for a standard day or for your next date!

Is your hair short and you want to wow your friends or family with long hair? Grab the Clip-In Weft with 5 different wide wefts to clip in your hair.
Clip-In Weft - Clip it in and go!
Clip-it in like a pro: watch the application video and purchase the Clip-In Weft right away.
Do you have long hair but it is very fine and has no volume? Want to finally stand out and look your best self? With the Hair Dress you can add definition and create full hair styles. Due to the halo like Fill-In strand (a thin transparant strand) the application is invisible and will not be noticed at all.
Hair Dress - Flip in the halo and you are ready to go
Learn more about the application of the Hair Dress in this video and get your extensions today.
Or, did you dream of a super long tail to look gorgeous from time to time but your hair is just not long enough for this sleek look? Read all about the Catwalk Ponytail, which will give you a real backstage look within minutes.
Catwalk Ponytail - Inspired by fashion shows
Check out the reel of the Catwalk Ponytail here or buy now.