The Hair Additions

  The Hair Additions

The hair additions of Balmain Hair Professional

Do you want permanent long hair or just want a change for an evening or a day? Balmain Hair Professional offers different products for different wishes. 

Volume for short hair

When your hair is at least 8 cm long, you can apply prebonded Fill-In Extensions for more volume. Just let your hairdresser add some strands for more volume.  

Volume for thin mid lengths

When you have thin hair, you maybe want to add more volume on the sides. If you want to try out extensions, without permanent application, we recommend Tape Extensions + Clip-Application. In each package you find two pieces of extensions (25 cm), tapes and clips. Apply the clips and clip in the extensions! Bonus: You can play with color to give your hairstyle more depth with low- or highlights. 

Volume for long hair  

Do you have long hair but is it thin and lifeless? You can choose several solutions. When you prefer single strand extensions, decide for Fill-In Extensions. Prebonded, quality human hair and available in different lengths and colors. 
Feel more confident with ultra flat tapes? Tape extensions (Easy Volume and Easy Length) are your new best friend. 28 mm wide tapes provide a very quick result of full hair. Best thing: next to volume they are perfect for a color treatment. 
A change for just a day? Get the Hair Dress Human Hair, Hair Dress Memory@Hair or the Clip-In Weft. The Hair Dress is a halo extension with a thin wire. Applied in just a few moments this is the perfect product for an evening out. With Clip-In Weft you get a set of 5 pieces in different widths. So you can easily decide, how much extra volume you get. 

Hair extensions for lengthening treatments

Length, is the ultimate dream. A full and long hair style is very easy to reach with our products. From permanent solutions such as Fill-In Extensions, Backstage Weft and Tape Extensions to instant change with Hair Dress, Clip-In Weft, you have the choice.
One special product is the patented DoubleHair. Invented by Balmain Hair many years ago, this is the perfect possibility to get very quick length and also volume. DoubleHair is a special weft system to be applied with bonds, rings or clips. Compared with prebonded hair extensions you save lots of application time. 

Clip in products  

Don't feel like changing your hair for a couple of weeks? Just want to have a nice evening out with an extraordinary look? Maybe a sleek ponytail or an amazing updo? Well, search no further. We have several easy to be used products to achieve exactly that. Catwalk Ponytail or the Clip-In Fringe for unexpected bangs. The Clip-In Bun for a nice messy bun. And if you lack volume on top, we can help with the Volume Superiéur. Use a half updo when wearing this hair addition. You will love it!