Hair Dress for length and volume

Hair Dress

Change your style in less than 5 minutes

The Hair Dress is a hair extension which is easy to apply without damaging the natural hair. Balmain Hair Professional has two different options: Hair Dress Human Hair and Hair Dress Memory@Hair. This hairpiece is a halo hair addition: the transparent strand rests on the head, not on the hair and holds the hairpiece perfectly in place without the risk of slipping out. The Hair Dress has not a straight edge but the patented Soft Blend Edge for perfect integration. The curved shape of the patented Soft Blend Edge helps to blend the hair piece completely with the natural hair and makes it possible to place the extensions close to the scalp.

As the natural hair colour adapts to every season - it becomes lighter in the summer and darker during the winter. Therefore, the Hair Dress ombré colours are developed with a so called “Sunrise” and “Sunset” side. The Sunrise side is layered with a lighter shade and the Sunset side has a darker shade. This hair addition is a perfect and quick solution to create volume and length. The item is suitable for all hair types.

The Hair Dress is perfect when you want extra volume for the evening or when you are in the mood for long hair for a day. With the halo application it is now very easy to change your style in less than 5 minutes. 

· Available in 100% Human Hair and Memory®Hair
· Easy and reliable Fill-In Strand application (halo extension)
· Soft Blend Edge integrates perfectly into natural hair
· Not damaging for your hair
· No risk of slipping out
· Instant length and volume within 5 minutes
· Two sides with different shades

Hair Dress Memory@Hair
· Remembers last styling with the patented Memory®Hair
· Easy to style (heat tolerance of Memory®Hair is 160 degrees)
· Lightweight
· Two sides with different shades

Hair Dress

Hair Dress Colors
Step-by-Step Hair Dress Application

Backstage Secrets

Volume Supérieur
Combine the Hair Dress with the Volume Supérieur to create more volume on top.
Conditioning Spray for Memory@Hair
Use the Conditioning Spray for Memory®Hair for protection and shine (Memory@Hair only). 
Shine Spray
Give your Hair Dress (Human Hair) extra shine with the Shine Spray