Hair Dress Memory Hair

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Short description This hairpiece, made of 100% Memory Hair, is easy to apply without damaging the natural hair. The transparent strand rests on the head, not on the hair and holds the hairpiece perfectly in place without the risk of slipping out. The Hair Dress contains multiple wefts with a 28cm width, including one patented Soft Blend Edge, for perfect integration.
    100% Memory®Hair
    Non damaging application (without rings, bonds, tape or clips)
    Easy to straighten or curl (max. 160°C / 320ºF)
1x HairDress, 1x Clothing Hanger, 1x Clothing Bag, 1x Carbon Tail Comb, 1x 1 Meter Fill-In Strand, 2x Security Clips
How to use
1. Make a section around the crown area of the head approximately 10 cm from the hairline.
2. Secure the section with a clip on top of the head.
3. Lay the transparent strand onto the section.
4. Release the section.
5. Comb the natural hair over the transparent strand for invisible integration.

For extra grip, sew the 2 small security clips onto the weft. Apply the Hair Dress as usual. Secure the clips for extra grip.
Backstage Secret
Combine the Hair Dress with the Volume Supérieur to create more volume on top.

Balmain Hair Dress Memory Hair

Hair additions with ring, bond, tape or clip application can cause friction on the natural hair. The Hair Dress offers a risk-free application that allows you to add instant volume and length without damaging the natural hair. The Balmain Hair Dress stays perfectly in place due to the Fill-In Strand. Because the strand is placed between the top- and base part of the hair, there is no risk of slipping out. The curved shape of the patented Soft Blend Edge helps to blend the Hair Dress perfectly with the natural hair and makes it possible to place the extension extra close to the scalp.

The Hair Dress is perfect for volume and lengthening services. Suitable for all hair types, but due to the risk-free application ideal for fine or damaged hair.

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Damaged Hair, Thin Hair, Volume
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Volume, Volume & Length, Length
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Memory Hair
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