The signature catwalk ponytail

Catwalk Ponytail


Blending Catwalk Ponytail

Invisible integration with your own hair

Remembers styling MemoryHair Catwalk Ponytail

Remembers last styling with the patented Memory®Hair

Easy to style Catwalk Ponytail

Easy to style (heat tolerance of Memory®Hair is 160 degrees)

One Minute Application Catwalk Ponytail

Applied in just one minute with the easy clip-in application

Natural shades Catwalk Ponytail

Natural shades for perfect integration

Weight Catwalk Ponytail

Lightweight extension

Lengthen and thicken Catwalk Ponytail

Lengthen and volumize your own ponytail


The ultra long 55 cm clip-in ponytail has been spotted on the runway numerous of times and is uniquely designed to create a thicker and longer ponytail. With this hair extension you can create high ponytails, low ponytails, braided ponytails and even voluminous buns. 

The Balmain Catwalk Ponytail 55 cm is the best way to create a fashionable ponytail hairstyle. The strand of hair is used to wrap around the ponytail in order to ensure a seamless blend with the hair. This hair addition comes with a small comb connected to the hairpiece. The comb will slide underneath the elastic to keep the ponytail in place and the Velcro-Base ensures firmness. 


The Catwalk Ponytail, developed by backstage stylists, is the ultimate backstage secret.

This Clip-In Catwalk Ponytail is THE solution to create an instant thicker and longer ponytail. To achieve the best result and a seamless blend, your own hair should be long enough to tie into a ponytail. 


Catwalk Ponytail

The Colors

Catwalk Ponytail Colors

The Application

Backstage Secrets

Clip-In Fringe

Use the Clip-In Fringe in combination with the Catwalk Ponytail to create the ultimate updo. 

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Conditioning Spray for Memory@Hair

Use the Conditioning Spray for Memory®Hair for protection and shine.

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