Clip-in Weft Set Human Hair

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Short description The Clip-In Weft Set contains 100% Human Hair. The Clip-In application allows the hairpiece to not cause any damage or hinder to the natural hairgrowth while wearing. This hair addition takes only 5 minutes to place into the natural hair. The clips ensure a secure fit to the own hair. The Wefts invisibly adds instant length, volume, and colour to the natural hair. 
    5 different width strips (2x 7,5 cm, 1x 13 cm, 1x 20 cm, 1x 25 cm)
    Invisible integration due to the Soft Blend Edge
    Suitable for daily use without damaging the natural hair
1x Clip-In Weft set (5 pcs.), 1x Clothing Hanger, 1x Clothing Bag, 1x Carbon Tail Comb, 2x Additional security clips
How to use
Start by brushing the natural hair to get rid of any tangles. Make a parting in the neck area and use a clip to secure the section. Install the clips on the head and cover it with natural hair to ensure invisible integration. Place the two smallest strips onto the side of the head to create instant volume. If necessary, sew the security clips onto the wefts for extra grip.
Backstage Secret
Tease the natural hair before you clip the extension in to ensure an extra firm, secure grip.

Clip-In Weft Set Human Hair 

Unlike most of the other hair extensions alternatives, it only takes five minutes to create dense hair with Clip-Ins. This item is perfect to add more volume and length to the own hair without much effort. The Hair Piece is applied between the top-and base part of the own hair with a clip application. The set consist of multiple pieces that allow for a more customized look. This 40cm Hair Piece is available in 4 ash tones and 8 ombre colours. The five strips blend naturally with the own hair and can easily be styled with a curling wand or straightener. Install the hairpieces on different places of the head to create a natural hairstyle.

Best for: This hairpiece is a temporary solution to create natural instant longer and thicker hair within a couple of minutes.

Item information
Application technique
Best for
Volume, Lenghtening
Hair Need
Volume & Length
Hair Type
Human Hair
Qty per package
6 Months