Tape Extensions + Clip Application Human Hair

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Short description Tape Extensions are reusable pre-taped extensions made of the high quality 100% Human Hair. The ultra-flat application ensures perfect hair distribution and comfortable wearing. The 7 cm wide tapes are easy to apply and provide an instant result. Perfect for volume and colour (high- or lowlight) treatments.
    100% Human Hair
    Super flat and easy application
    Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain aftercare
2x Tape Extensions + clip application, 2x Reapplication tapes
How to use
Tape-application (4-6 weeks)
1. Remove the covers from the tapes.
2. Make a parting, place one tape onto the natural hair. Press firmly onto the tape to make sure enough hair sticks to the tape.
3. Lift the tape extension and place the other tape extension under the section. Press firmly onto the tapes.
4. Use a straightener to secure the tape application.
5. Do not wash the hair for 24 hours to ensure a prefect grip.

To re-use the tape extensions, reapplication tapes (20 pcs.) are needed. To remove the old tape extensions from the natural hair Dissolvent or non-chemical Silk Tape Remover can be used. When using the Silk Tape Remover it is important to wash the extensions thoroughly before reapplication in order to make sure all essential oils are removed.

Use Balmain Professional Aftercare to validate the 6 months guarantee on the hair.
Backstage Secret
Apply DoubleHair extensions underneath the Tape Extensions for natural looking, extra length.

Balmain Tape Extensions + Clip Application

Tape extensions are made of the highest quality 100% Human Hair. The 7 cm wide tapes are reusable up to 3 applications and can last for 4 to 6 weeks when applied. Tape extensions are semi-permanent, reusable extensions that are undetectable to the touch. The separate Clip Strips can be applied if clip-in application is preferred.

Tape extensions are perfect for volume and colour treatments. Suitable for all hair types, but especially for fine, thin hair due to the ultra-flat application.

Each pack of Tape Extensions + Clip Application contains 2 tape extensions (one application). For a full volume treatment 5-10 pcs. are recommended.

Balmain Hair Professional offers a unique 6 months quality guarantee on all 100% Human Hair extensions when using the Balmain Professional Aftercare range.

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Application technique
Best for
Thin Hair, Volume
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Human Hair
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6 Months