Silk Tape Remover 100ml

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Non-chemical remover, enriched with Silk Protein, for removal of tape extensions. The Silk Tape Remover nourishes the hair and helps to remove tape extensions without causing damage to the natural hair. The oil-based formula deactivates the stickiness of the tapes, enabling the removal of tape extensions easily. Leaves no residue in the hair.

    Non-chemical tape remover
    For easy removal of tape extensions
    Enriched with Silk Protein to nourish the hair
How to use
1. Drip some elixir at the top of the tapes.
2. Massage softly onto the tapes with your fingertips to ensure that there is enough elixir between the tapes.
3. Keep applying the elixir until the tapes are removed easily without pulling the hair.


Silk Tape Remover 100ml

The Silk Tape Remover removes Tape Extensions easily without damaging the natural hair. The oil-based formula, enriched with Silk Protein, nourishes the hair while deactivating the stickiness of the tapes. This way the Tape Extensions will glide off the natural hair easily without leaving any residue in the natural hair.

Use the Professional Aftercare Deep Cleansing Shampoo to remove the oil-based formula out of the hair before applying new Tape Extensions. 

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Ciclopentasilossano, Dimeticonolo, Trimetilsilossifenil Dimeticone, Olio di semi di Simmondsia Chinensis, Olio di Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis, Parfum, CI 15850, Ottildodecanolo.
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