Colourring Professional Collection

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Ensure a perfect colour match with the 100% Human Hair Colourring suitable for the 18 standard colours within the Professional Extension Collection; 10A, L10, 10G, 9G.10OM, 9G, 9.8G, 9A, L8, 8A, 8A.9A, 7G.8GOM, 6G.8G, 5RM, L6, L5, 3.5OM, 3, 1. 

    100% Human Hair Colourring
    Perfect tool to select the right extension colour
    Suitable for 100% Human Hair Backstage Weft, Double Hair, Tape and Fill-in Extensions
1x Colourring Professional Collection
How to use
Always select the correct colour by matching the hair strands of the colourring with the lengths of the client's hair.

Balmain Colourring Professional Extension Collection

All items within the Balmain Professional Extension Collection are available in 18 standard colours or a subset of 12 standard colours. The colourring indicates which items are available in 18 or in 12 colours. 

The colourring consists of 2 cards with 100% Human Hair colour swatches. The first card contains 12 colour swatches. If an item is only available in 12 colours, the item is available in the 12 colours as shown on the first card. If an item is available in 18 colours, the item is available in the colours on the first card (12 colours) and the second card (the additional 6 colours). 

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Human Hair
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