Easy Invisible Tape Extensions

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Short description NEW: Introducing our latest innovation: Easy Invisible Tape Extensions! Specifically designed for clients with thin hair, these tape extensions offer lightweight comfort and an incredibly natural appearance. With nearly invisible attachment, they seamlessly blend for a flawless look and feel. Each package includes a set of 6 tape extensions: 3 regular pieces and 3 hair-infused top pieces.
    Nearly invisible integration
    Affordable solution for thin hair clients
    Can be combined with other products
3 regular tapes, 3 Invisible tapes
How to use
Application Easy Invisible Tape Extensions (4-6 weeks)

1. Remove the protective film from the tapes.
2. Part the hair and separate a section of about 4 cm. Hold a normal tape underneath and place the natural hair on top. Press firmly on the natural hair so that enough hair adheres to the tape.
3. Place an Easy Invisible Tape on the section and press firmly together.
4. If necessary, use a straightening iron to attach the tape more firmly.
5. Do not wash the hair for 24 hours to ensure a perfect hold.

Reusing the tapes
Tape On Roll is required to reuse the Easy Invisible Tape extensions. To remove the old tape extensions from the natural hair, the non-chemical Silk Tape Remover can be used. If the Silk Tape Remover is used, it is important to wash the extensions and natural hair thoroughly before reapplying to ensure all oils have been removed.

Use Balmain Professional Aftercare to validate the 6 months guarantee on the hair.
Backstage Secret
Braid the hair before you go to sleep to prevent hair tangling and to extend the life of the hair extensions
The Easy Invisible Tape is a discreet hair extension method designed for those with thinner hair. With the hair infused in the tape, it offers a seamless, nearly undetectable finish. The set features an invisible top and a regular bottom, ensuring volume retention while seamlessly integrating into the hair. Choose Easy Invisible Tape Extensions for a natural blend, perfect for achieving thickness and a subtle, flawless look.

Competitive price: a system where regular tapes will be placed under the invisible tape, this new product is affordable for your clients. Combining them with our other (tape) products will give you as a stylist all flexibility you need to create amazing looks.

Style the hair as you would style their natural locks - Easy Invisible Tape Extensions can be curled, straightened, and styled just as natural hair.
Item information
Application technique
Hair Type
Human Hair
Qty per package
6 Months