DoubleHair Hair Gripper

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Short description Discover the ultimate solution for controlling loose hairs during every application of extensions - the Hair Gripper! This handy tool lifts even the tiniest hairs and helps creating a perfect parting. Forget about tricky flyaways and effortlessly achieve a smooth and polished finish with the Hair Gripper. Add this essential accessory to your extension tools for professional results in no time!
    No loose hairs in bonds or tapes during application
    Makes applying extensions easier and faster
    Stays securely in place
How to use
Make a parting in the hair and comb straight. Attach the Hair Gripper right above the parting to the hair and move upwards with the hair to catch all strays.Press tight to the hair and start your hair extension application.
Backstage Secret
When the Hair Gripper is used for couple of times, residues can build up. To remove those, wash the Hair Gripper gently with a shampoo and let dry until the next use.
The Hair Gripper is a convenient and innovative tool to ensure hair stays out of the way during the placement of hair extensions. No more flyaways in bondings, weave applications or tapes which can cause inconvenience to the client and stress to the scalp. No need for clips which might loose grip during one session.

This neat tool is able to lift minuscule strands creating impeccably neat partings. No more frustrating moments spent trying to fix or hold stray hairs, as this accessory ensures a smooth and polished finish every time it is used.

The Hair Gripper is made of black velcro, which is very flexible and light. It comes in a package of two pieces, so you as a hair stylist can cover a bigger area without constantly switching just one piece to another area of the hair.

The extension stylist can work now without worrying about time consuming combing and brushing hair away while applying the extensions. The use is super simple: parting the hair, attach the Hair Gripper above the parting, glide up, press and your work area is set. Ready for attaching hair extensions and to maintain bondings, tapes or wefts in a polished, professional and flawless look.

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