Plug & Play Connector

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The Plug & Play Connector is a professional, ergonomically designed tool especially for the application of pre-bonded tip hair extensions. The automatic temperature control (ranging from 140 to 160 degrees) and pre-shaped clamps allow for fast and secure bonding. With durable non-stick coating and 360⁰ professional length cord (3m).  

    Pre-shaped clamps (1-sided heating)
    Ergonomic design for comfortable hold
    Ergonomic design for comfortable hold
1x Plug & Play Connector, 1x Instruction Manual
How to use
1. Make a parting in the natural hair.
2.Take a small hair strand.
3. Place the protector around the hair strand. Secure with a clip 0,5cm from the scalp.
4. Place the bond of the extension under the hair strand.
5. Use the Plug & Play Connector to heat the bond. Continue heating until the Bond starts to bubble.
6. Roll the bond into the natural hair using your thumb and forefinger until you have a clear, rice like bond.
7. Do not wash the hair for 24 hours, to allow the bond to seal.
The Plug & Play Connector with round clamps has an auto-controlled temperature (ranging from 140 to 160 degrees) and pre-shaped clamps (1 cold clamp, 1 heated clamp) for fast and secure bonding. The heated clamp allows the bonds to melt and fuse with the client’s natural hair. Protectors are recommended to protect the scalp and to ensure perfect positioning of the hair extensions.

The 360⁰ professional length cord (3m) ensures sufficient work space while applying the wax extensions. Designed with a special metal standard to store the Connector in between applications.
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