Aftercare Travel Set Special Edition

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Special Edition with gift sleeve. Your perfect companion for your next vacation. Or just cute and beautiful in your bathroom: The Travelset of the basic aftercare products in mini sizes of 50 ml. Perfect for your hair with extensions when you travel or when you purchased a Human Hair extensions of the Ready-to-wear collection. To keep the 6 months guarantee on the quality of Human Hair additons.

Shampoo for natural shine and color protection.
Mask strengthens from within and gives vitality and shine.
Conditioner detangles, smoothes, protects for a radiant glow.

    1x Shampoo 50 ml · 1x Hair mask 50 ml · 1x Conditioner 50 ml
    Ideal size for Ready-to-Wear Human Hair extensions
    Perfect for your next travel
How to use
Wash your hair thoroughly with the shampoo and rinse out. Apply the mask and leave it for couple of minutes. For the best result finish with conditioner.
Backstage Secret
Before swimming wet your hair and cover it with a thin layer of conditioner and leave it in until you shower after your swim.

Maintaining the optimal condition of both natural hair and extensions requires the use of specialized aftercare products. The Professional Aftercare range is formulated for the needs of both natural and extension hair, enhancing their longevity and performance. This collection of travel sized products is an essential component of the post-care routine, ensuring that hair extensions and natural hair remain in perfect condition.

Proper protection in the sun is not just for the face and body. Hair also needs protection against sun, salt and pool water during the summer months, especially your extra hair. The combination of the sun damage and daily wear and tear ends up making hair dull and rough to the touch. Chemically treated hair (extensions) becomes even more fragile overexposure to sun. When combined with the double drying effect of saltwater, hair literally becomes dehydrated and brittle.

By utilizing the Professional Aftercare range, you not only extend the lifespan of your hair extensions but also uphold the quality of Balmain Hair's human hair products. Something we give a 6 months guarantee on, when using the Aftercare properly.

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