Extension Keratin Bonds

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Transparent Keratin Bonds for the application of DoubleHair extensions or re-application of bonded hair extensions. Keratin bonds are ultra strong bonds that last up to 12 weeks. Perfect to reuse human hair extensions.  

    Ultra strong transparent keratin bonds
    Last up to 12 weeks
    Suitable for DoubleHair and pre-bonded hair extensions
24x Keratin Bonds
How to use
1. Remove the pre-bonded extensions from the hair with the dissolvent gel.
2. Cut off the old bond and heat a new Bond in the Connector.
3. Place the extension onto the melting bond and attach as usual. Keep in mind that fill-in extensions become shorter after reapplication.

Balmain Extension Keratin Bonds

A package contains 24 pieces of extension Balmain Professional Keratin bonds. The Keratin is produced from a high quality keratin in order to protect the own hair. The Keratin bonds are ideally used for the pre-bonding purpose of hair extensions. The bonds are re-usable. The bonds are able to last up to 12 weeks and are easily removable with the Professional Dissolvent gel of Balmain Hair Professional. 

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