Ring Connector for application/removal

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Short description Professional ring connector for application and/or removal of Soft Rings or Micro Rings. The connector with ergonomic design features soft coated handles for comfortable hold and easy grip. The curved tip, with crenate profile, ensures easy application of rings close to the scalp without the risk of damaging the adjacent hair
    For application and/or removal of ring extensions
    Ergonomic design for comfortable hold
    Curved tip with crenate profile for extra grip
1x Ring connector for application / removal
How to use
Ring-application (4-6 weeks)
1. Place a soft ring over the application puller.
2. Pull the hair through the loop of the application puller. Slide the ring over the puller.
3. Close the ring by using a ring connector.
Ring Connector for application/removal
The ring connector is designed to connect, reconnect or remove Soft Rings or Micro Rings extensions. The connector is equipped with a curved tip, which ensures application close to the scalp without damaging adjacent hair. The crenate profile of the tip is specially developed to create extra grip while squeezing the rings. The soft coated handles of the connector provide a comfortable and gentle hold.

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All Hair Types, Extensions
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