Weaving Thread

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Short description
Weaving Thread especially designed for the application of weft extensions. Weaving Thread is durable and strong enough to withstand the tension of weft weaving applications. 
    Thread for weft weaving applications
    Durable and strong thread
    Including special weaving needle
1x Bobbin of weaving thread, 1x weaving needle
How to use
Weave application (4 weeks)
With cornrow
1. Make a cornrow braid in the natural hair
2. Use the thread and needle to sew the wefts to the cornrow

With rings
1. Make a horizontal parting in the natural hair where the weft need to be applied.
2. Take approximately 1cm of natural hair and place a scalp protector over the hair strand to protect the scalp.
3. Pull the natural hair through the loop of the application puller. Slide the ring over the puller. Repeat this on the complete length of the parting where the weft need to be placed.
4. Place the weft underneath the parting, over the strands with rings. Secure with a clip.
5. Use weaving thread and special extension weaving needle to sew the weft onto the scalp just above the ring applications.

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